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Designhouse is a content media company that publishes leading magazines that are the first of their kind, including < Homeliving & Style> , < Design> , and < Luxury> . The company established the Seoul Living Design Fair in 1994 not only to introduce elegant lifestyles on printed pages, but also to provide advice for realizing such lifestyles in people’s lives.

The Seoul Living Design Fair, which has been a committed partner for leading brands and consumers in the living design industry, collects and displays top products, while also producing high value-added contents. Furthermore, it offers total marketing solutions through collaborations with preeminent designers, allowing it to play a leading role in the future of Korea’s living design industry. There are more than 280,000 visitors to the fair every year. This includes interior designers, marketers, trend research institutions, and cultural figures. Each year, the fair presents interesting content that reflects the latest trends in refined living.

On top of the Living Trend pavilion, the Living Art pavilion, which highlights the highest standard for VIP marketing was established in order to reinforce the international competitiveness of Korea’s interior industry and enhance consumers’ appreciation for this industry’s initiatives. In addition, the fair has a number of special exhibitions, one of which is Designers’ Choice, as well as additional events such as the Living Design Awards and the Living Trend Seminar.

This year, the Living Design Fair will be held for the first time in Incheon. Incheon is a city where many foreign tourists take their first step in Korea through the Incheon International Airport, a world hub airport that was consistently ranked one of the top airports in the world. With the Incheon Free Economic Zone (IFEZ) consisting of the Songdo, Cheongna, and Yeongjong districts, Incheon is growing as an international economic hub and center of specialized service industries. The Incheon Living Design Fair will further the internationalization of Korea’s living design industry based on these local strengths.

  • Providing an efficient business environment by hosting a wide range of buyers
  • Expanding business communication channels that aim at optimum targets
  • Korea’s largest living design fair organized by the country’s leading company related to lifestyle and culture
  • A marketing fair for Korea’s top living design brands
  • Living design art for successful VIP marketing
  • The latest living design trends featuring the most outstanding brands and designers